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Summertime Grilling Favorites

Summertime means grilling outside...and Durso's has all the best stuff to put on your grill:

•• 5 different types of Homemade Italian Pork Sausage - (Sweet, Fennel, Hot, Thin and Cheese & Parsley)
• Our famous Chicken Sausage w/ Broccoli Rabe, Provolone & Sun-dried Tomatoes
•• Tender Steaks and Delicious Chops (Rib-Eye, Shell, Filet Mignon, Center Cut Pork Chops, Veal Chops)
•• Delicately-prepared Kebabs (Steak or Chicken)
•• Bell & Evan's Whole Chickens and Breasts

Tips for Manning the Grill

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Grilling is an art, but you can easily master it.
Some people stress over having to work the grill during their summer party, but we have some tips to make standing over the grill less intimidating:

1. For steaks, always let them sit for a few minutes on the plate after cooking.

2. The thinner the meat (or chicken), the quicker it will take for it to cook all the way through.

3. Grills are inherently inconsistent with heat dissipation. Know where the hottest parts are and cook smarter.